What is gelatin?

Many consumers may be wondering what the gelatin mixed in the food they are consuming is made of. Many people don’t even realize they are consuming gelatin almost every day. Gelatin is actually a food that is closer than you think because it is used in a variety of ways, such as in the preservation of various processed foods such as ham, bacon, sausages, canned food, fruit juices, food coatings; or in various types of confectionery such as jelly, candy, agar; or in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries such as capsule types and cosmetics. Now, do you know where gelatin is?

What is Gelatin Made of

What is gelatin exactly?

In terms of the origin of gelatin, to put it simply, gelatin is a protein extracted from natural raw collagen. which is a by-product of the meat industry and it’s definitely not a chemical synthesis.
Gelatin is often made from the skin, marrow, bones of animals such as cows, and even the bones and scales of fish (Halal gelatin). At present, alternative gelatin for vegetarians (non-meat eaters) is plant-based gelatin, such as algae gelatin.
The use of animal waste in the production of gelatin prevents waste and promotes the efficient use of resources. It is therefore considered sustainable and part of the circular economy.

What is Gelatin

The composition of gelatin

Gelatin contains 98–99% protein, but it is not a complete nutritional protein due to the absence of tryptophan, isoleucine, threonine, and methionine. Gelatin contains 19 amino acids, most of which are glycine 26–34%, proline 10–18%. and 7–15% hydroxyproline, which together account for approximately 50% of the total amino acid content; and other amino acids: alanine 8–11%; arginine 8–9%; aspartic acid 6–7%; and 10–12% glutamic acid, some of which are essential nutrients for the human body. The gelatin is therefore used to produce healthy food itself.

Now, we probably know what is gelatin. Gelatin is a useful and nutritious nutrient only when it is produced in the correct standardized procedures, by modern machines, and by a factory certified for quality and hygiene internationally.

The benefits of Gelatin

What might bring to your mind about gelatin could be flavored, colorful, texture-rich desert and pharmaceutical capsules. Gelatin is made from collagen, there are many benefits that we can take from it and follwing are some of which:
  1. Gelatin helps to balance out your meat intake.
  2. Gelatin helps in healing your gut.
  3. Gelatin helps to strengthen your joints.
  4. Gelatin boosts your skin health.
  5. Gelatin helps to improve your sleep quality.

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