Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Certifications of Gelatin Manufacturers

Gelatin producer quality certification is important and is the first thing consumers should consider when purchasing different types of gelatin. Gelatin is a protein extract and is used in a variety of fields. As most are made from animal parts, therefore, in every production process, safety for consumers must be taken into account. While some types of gelatin for certain consumers of some nations and religions require assurances of quality and standards according to their beliefs and rules.

What should be the quality assurance of gelatin production?

First of all, MS Cert, or the certification of quality management and production, including ISO9001, represents a quality management system aimed at customer satisfaction. This is to adhere to the best practice standards and have clear organization’s policies and plans, with the system to increase personnel efficiency from executives to employees, as well as the system to capture and solve problems to increase organizational efficiency.

FSSC22000 / ISO22000

FSSC22000 / ISO22000 is a food safety management system standard required by gelatin manufacturers. This quality assurance has been developed by experts from the food industry, representatives of international organizations such as The Codex Alimentations Commission which were set up as a collaboration between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and The World Health Organization (WHO) to develop standards for the food industry. This “must-have” standard represents the production of clean and safe food, that will prevent illnesses due to food poisoning or food hazards.

Halal Food Standard (Halal Certification)

Halal Food Standard (Halal Certification) certified by the Halal Affairs Committee of the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, represents the maintenance of equipment in the production of Halal products to be clean and correct according to religious ordinances (universal principles), including the main raw materials in production or products that are halal and not contaminated with prohibited items. Additionally, the staff in control of the production must also be Muslim.

Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification according to Jewish Judaism which quite shares similar principles with halal certification, is to determine the source of raw materials, the types of raw materials according to the rules of “Kashrus” include equipment, tools, machines, and methods used in food production. Banagel is a certified gelatin manufacturer with International standards for modern production systems that are clean and safe in the gelatin production process. We are also certified to be able to produce gelatin according to all beliefs and religions whether it is halal gelatin or kosher gelatin.

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