Bovine Gelatin

Bovine gelatin – this is certainly a choice for consumers who do not eat other meats, such as pork or fish, especially Muslim consumers who need to consume halal food (bovine gelatin halal), or Jews and their kosher food. These consumers can choose to eat foods containing gelatin from cows or bovine gelatine without any problem.

Where does bovine gelatin come from?

Bovine gelatin is similar to other types of gelatin with clear, odorless, and tasteless characteristics, and can be applied in a wide variety of foods. Consumers often do not notice the difference and know what kind of gelatin it is. Therefore, consumers must carefully observe the product ingredient labels.

Bovine Gelatin is a product protein produced by the hydrolysis of collagen. This is a protein extracted from various bovine tissues such as skin, marrow, and bone. The production process is similar to that of other types of gelatin, where parts of the bovine are heated (from water) to make the collagen which is in those parts detach gelatin.

What is bovine gelatin used for?

Today, bovine gelatine is used as a stabilizer, fat substitutes, gel capsules, and binders in various types of food or products such as processed foods, canned foods, beverages, cosmetics, capsules, candies, chewing gums, or film coatings.

Why choosing bovine gelatin instead of porcine gelatin?

For those who are conerned about Halal and Kosher, they are not able to take porcine or pork gelatin. Bovine halal gelatin (some may call it as beef gelatin halal) become one of alternatives for them. Most of halal gelatin capsules, gummies, and other gelatin based foods you can find in the market nowadays contain bovine gelatin halal (beef gelatin halal) as their ingredients. 

Bovine Gelatin Manufacturer

Priority should be given to production processes in accordance with international hygiene and safety standards, especially when it comes to kosher or halal. The manufacturers must give emphasis on the source of raw materials, and making sure that it is GMO-free or has been certified for Food and Drug Safety (GRAS) and Free from Mad Cow Disease (BSE).

Banagel is a certified bovine gelatin producer with all the above-mentioned recognizations. We are capable of producing beef gelatin, bse free gelatin, and all types of gelatin, especially halal and kosher gelatin of high quality that meets the needs of all groups of consumers in all nations, religions, and beliefs.