Gelatin Products


Bovine Gelatin

This is certainly a choice for consumers who do not eat other meats, such as pork or fish, especially Muslim consumers who need to consume halal food, or Jews and their kosher food. These consumers can choose to eat foods containing gelatin from cows or bovine gelatin without any problem.

USED IN INDUSTRIES: Food, Pharmaceutical, and Health & Beauty.

DESCRIPTION: Bovine Gelatin is a product protein produced by the hydrolysis of collagen. This is a protein extracted from various bovine tissues such as skin, marrow, and bone.       

USE: Today, bovine gelatin is used as a stabilizer, fat substitutes, gel capsules, and binders in various types of food or products such as processed foods, canned foods, beverages, cosmetics, capsules, candies, chewing gums, or film coatings.

SPECIFICATION: Jelly strength between 90 – 300 Bloom, 20 – 50 mps of viscosity, and between 8 – 60 mesh of particle size. 

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Fish Gelatin Manufacturer

Fish Gelatin

This is a natural protein and a product from animals. In general, gelatin, for example, comes from the bones, skin of pigs, cows; therefore, it is sometimes restricted for certain consumer groups such as Muslims who only consume halal food. Fish gelatin is thus a natural and safe alternative for those who want gelatin that is not made from cows or pigs.

USED IN INDUSTRIES: Used in selected food and pharmaceutical industries as alternative source to pork gelatin

DESCRIPTION: Fish gelatin is made from a collagen protein extracted from fish skin or scale.

USE: Fish gelatin is used for producing soft capsules, high-end food and bavorage, and etc. It is suitable to be used as alternative to those who are not able to take pork or non halal bovine gelatin.

SPECIFICATION: Jelly strength between 130 – 280 Bloom, 15 – 40 mps of viscosity, and between 8 – 60 mesh of particle size.

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Examples of gelatin specifications and product applications

Use: Edible

Grade Gel Strength Viscosity Mesh Application
100 Bloom 90-100 20-30 8-80 Ice creame
150 Bloom 140-160 25-35 8-80 Candy
180 Bloom 170-190 28-38 8-80 Candy
200 Bloom 190-210 28-38 8-80 Jelly/Marshmallow
250 Bloom 240-260 30-40 8-80 Jelly/Marshmallow
300 Bloom 290-310 35-45 8-80 Jelly

Use: Pharmaceutical

Grade Gel Strength Viscosity Mesh Application
150 Bloom 140-160 35-45 8 Softgel/Tablet Coating
180 Bloom 170-190 35-45 8 Softgel
250 Bloom 240-260 40-50 8 Hard Capsule