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Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin – In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, pharmaceutical grade gelatin is widely used in pharmaceutical production because of the properties and safety of gelatin to patients or consumers. Pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers have been using gelatin in their production for decades, using it in the production of pharmaceutical capsules, approximately 90% of the total production.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Capsules made of Gelatin

Gelatin capsules in various pills – It is also known as hard gelatin capsules which are the most popular form of pharmaceutical gelatin use, including in dietary supplements and general consumer products. Consumers love the smooth texture of the gelatin capsules that make them easy to swallow, which is important for patients to be able to take medicines or supplements in full according to the amount prescribed by the doctor. The gelatin itself works well with other ingredients, by not reacting with drugs or food which will cause the change of taste or nutritional value. In addition, gelatin does not cause any allergic reactions because it is a natural and pure protein, and thus easy for the body to absorb. It can enhance the effectiveness of medicines and supplements. Additionally, pharmaceutical gelatin capsules protect sensitive ingredients from oxygen, light, moisture, contamination, and microbial growth.

Banagel Pharmaceutical Gelatin
Banagel Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
Banagel for Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Types of Pharmaceutical gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin or pharmaceutical grade gelatin can be used to produce both “Hard capsules” which are most suitable for containing pills or powdered food, while “soft capsules” are suitable for packaging liquids such as cod liver oil, or liquid supplements. For “soft capsules”, soft gelatin capsules made from pharmaceutical grade gelatin that can be hermetically sealed is used to prevent unpleasant taste or smell. Gelatin is also used in other medical applications such as microcapsules for some drugs, or gelatin in suppository hemostatic pads and other types of pills.

Banagel for Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard Capsule

Hard gelatin capsules are most suitable for containing pills or powdered food

softgel from Gelatin

Soft Capsule

Soft gelatin capsules or softgel suitable for packaging liquids such as cod liver oil, or liquid supplements

Production of Pharmaceutical Gelatin​

Typically pharmaceutical grade gelatin has a hardness of 150-250 bloom and a viscosity of 35-48 mps depending on the application and type of medication which would vary on the shape, color, hardness, flexibility, or other properties of gelatin. For example, in the manufacture of hard gelatin capsules, pharmaceutical grade gelatin with a hardness of about 250 blooms and a viscosity of 45-48 mps is used, while soft gelatin capsules or softgel use gelatin with 150-200 blooms and a viscosity of 35-45 mps.

Nowadays, technology and innovation are applied in pharmaceutical gelatin production for wider use and reaching more medical and pharmaceutical needs, such as succinyl gelatin that reduces crosslinking of polymers within capsules, thereby reducing the problem of indigestion capsules in the human body.

Banagel is one of the leading pharmaceutical grade gelatin producer in the ASEAN region that brings new technologies and innovations to use in production. We adhere to international production standards, internationally certified, and taking into account the safety principles for patients and consumers at all levels.