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Banagel is specialized in manufacturing HALAL gelatin made from bovine (bone and skin) and fish skin (tilapia and pangasius).
Our products are extracted from nature through very high quality production processes with effective inspecting procedures and the best quality control from the world class quality assurance and quality control team internally.

We are constantly innovating and developing new gelatin products to stay consistent in order to meet the customers’ needs and to answer the needs of use in each industry.

We believe that making high quality products and providing excellent services are our key to success and what we have always been getting back from our customers is the trust and confidence in Banagel.

Banagel takes diverse customers’ needs into account and understands consumers from different cultures. One of the highest demanded products in the food industry is halal food. We want to become a trusted source of halal raw materials to fulfill the needs in the halal food industry.