Gelatin and Sustainability Goals

Today, gelatin is used in a wide variety of applications, especially in the food industry such as dairy products, different types of butter, sweets, jellies, chewing gum, or coatings to preserve food in various processed food products, including all types of canned food. Gelatin is also used in industries such as cosmetics, photographic films, pharmaceuticals, or medicine.

Sustainability is being discussed more and more. In the current era, the development of technology in various industries affects the environment and stability in the ecosystem and subsequently affecting the stability of human beings in various aspects of life. Gelatin is one product that meets the goals of sustainability in every aspect.

Promote Food Security

Gelatin is a beneficial and sustainable ingredient. One of the most important things to note is that gelatin is derived from natural sources, unlike most ingredients on the market that are produced by chemical synthesis. Thus, consumers can be confident in their safety. Gelatin is a natural protein and this allows it to be applied and further developed into diverse  alternative food products of the future for sustainability and all mankind.

Promote Environmental Conservation

Gelatin is a safe protein extracted from raw collagen found in the skin and bones of animals raised for human consumption. Therefore, gelatin is not only a valuable nutrient, but also it promotes the full use of animals in line with the trend of the “Zero-Waste” concept, a cost-effective consumption principle to conserve the environment. That is a major food consumption concept for sustainability and the promotion of the overall economy.

Promote Standardized Livestock System

Today’s consumer trend is that they want to see where their food comes from, how it was produced, and whether it is safe and compliant with all standards. As a result, most gelatin producers have begun to adjust themselves by selecting raw materials only from farms that are certified. This requires livestock producers or farms to develop standards for their animal husbandry systems in line with sustainability goals.

Banagel is a standardized gelatin manufacturer and adheres to the principle of transparency and traceability in every step of production. We only select raw materials from standard and sanitary sources for the safety of consumers and in accordance with sustainability goals in all aspects.