Gelatin in Paintball

How is gelatin involved in the paintball? – Paintball is a hunting game that many of you may call “Battle sports” because it is a competitive battle requiring both battle intelligence and the strength, endurance, agility of players in order to win over opponents. Paintball has been originated in America in 1981 because it’s a game of fun, excitement and many other feelings. So, it has become known and popular around the world as long as today. Players must wear protective equipment, especially a mask to protect the eyes and clothing to prevent sloppiness and help alleviate the little pain.

Gelatin as main material in paintball bullets

Paintball literally translates to colouring ball which will look like a small ball about the size of a thumb made from a special kind of gelatin which when shot out and hit the solid with sufficient force, the gelatin covering the ink will break off and cause any colour contained within to bounce off to stick to the destination. Paintball bullets are spherical gelatin capsules, containing mainly polyethylene glycol, non-toxic and water-soluble substances. The bullet has a very thin shell to guarantee breakage on impact, and that is a game of gelatin’s specifications. The highest-grade paintballs are made with high-quality gelatin, sometimes mixed with other materials such as cornstarch and metal flakes to create a very noticeable thick “sheet” of glitter.

Gelatin paintball is eco-friendly

Almost all paintballs in use today are biodegradable; especially, the gelatin made the paintballs are of food-grade quality and harmless to the users. Manufacturers and distributors strive to produce paintballs in an eco-friendly water-based formulation. All things considered, gelatin plays an incredible role in this popular sport; and currently, it is widely used in a variety of industries such as food, medicine, pharmaceutical, photography & film, cosmetics, etc.

Increasing demands for gelatin paintball

To respond to the growth of the sports industry including the paintball playgrounds, Banagel as Asia’s leading industrial gelatin producer, is capable of producing special types of gelatin to be used for various purposes, gelatin for paintball included. Our manufacturing is under the standards that are recognised globally.