Gelatin in Colorful Marshmallow

Gelatin in Marshmallow

Historically, the term “marshmallow” comes from a plant, a medicinal herb that is native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. As early as 2000 BCE, ancient Egyptians were among the first to make and use the root of this plant for relieving cough, sore throat and wound healing: The first marshmallow is prepared by boiling the root pieces with honey until thickened. Once thickened, the mixture is stiffened, cooled and used as intended. Marshmallows have evolved and changed over time, according to cultural contexts, until it is a soft and chewy dessert that is popular worldwide today.

Types of Marshmallow and Ingredients​

Marshmallows are aerated candies, primarily composed of sugar and an aeration agent which is during the production process. However, the foaming(aeration) agent concentration should be appropriate, being able to encapsulate the air bubbles and diffuse into small air bubbles as needed to form the shape of the marshmallows. The manufacturing process consists of two methods: depositing and extrusion from which marshmallows can be roughly divided into three types: 

  • Ungrained marshmallow, 
  • Grained marshmallow, 
  • and Dried grained marshmallow. 

Each is made with a common raw material that is the aeration agent, in which gelatin is popularly utilised in the production. The gelatin will act to create softness and the ability to coagulate in maintaining the condition of the marshmallow. Different types of gelatin give different viscosity and gel strength which will result in different textures. For marshmallows, we use gelatin with a gel strength of about 200-250 bloom because it has good foaming properties. As gelatin provides a flexible texture, it is there the most popular aeration agent ingredient in the production of marshmallows.

Sweet Pink Marshmallow
Colorful Marshmallow In Glass

Source of industrial gelatin for marshmallow

Banagel is Asia’s leading gelatin producer with international certifications. We can produce industrial gelatin specifically for marshmallows by selecting the best ingredients to get quality gelatin that will provide good foaming properties and stability. We guarantee that using our gelatin product in the marshmallows manufacturing process will certainly result in the best quality of your products.