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Gelatin Hard Capsules

Capsules are dosage forms with a slippery nature that makes them easier to swallow. There are generally two types: Hard Gelatin Capsules and Soft Gelatin Capsules. Soft-shell capsules are commonly used. It can contain liquid medicines or dietary supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin E, fish oil, etc. The hard-shell capsules can contain non-liquid drugs such as powders, granules, or pellets, and it is more widespread.

Hard capsules in the Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical capsules are made from gelatin. Most of this is obtained by processing the collagen present in the skin and bones of animals such as bovine, bone marrow, pig skin, etc. The capsule acts as a container for medicines and transports the medicine for absorption in the small intestine. Hard capsules have two parts: the capsule body and the cap. When filling the pills, the capsule body and the cap will be connected with a beautiful shape, easy to carry, and can cover the flavour of the drug well. It is suitable for drugs that need a unique identifier such as antibiotics.

Gelatin Hard Capsules for Pharmaceuticals
Hard Capsules Production

Gelatin Hard Capsule Production

Producing gelatin hard capsules is a step-by-step process that requires strict quality control. In this way, you will minimize possible hard gelatin capsule defects and reactions between the capsule and the contained drug. You will also need machinery and equipment to produce empty gelatin capsules: starting from material preparation and getting high-quality collagen and material testing processes to ensure high quality. Then, the production adds the Opacifants and dyes, then go through the moulding process of the capsule maker. In this case, we have a pin bar made of stainless steel on the top layer, as a result, the body and cap sit on the pin bar. The dryer then performs drying with precise control of humidity, temperature and air volume. During the whole process, you will need to control the size, thickness, colour, moisture content and capsule wall thickness. Of course, all production variables depend on what properties the gelatin has. At the end of it all, it will depend on the type of empty gelatin capsules you need for your specific use.

Gelatin as a key to the hard capsule and many more industries

Empty gelatin capsules play a fundamental role in many industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and chemical industries. It is important to determine the specification of the required hard capsules and the purpose, to select the right type of gelatin with the specific properties. The hard capsule manufacturer needs to adopt the right methods to develop their own capsules products, especially the source of good quality gelatin, to create a variety of features of capsule products to meet the needs of more consumers.

Gelatin for Hard capsules Manufacturer

Banagel, a manufacturer of hard capsule gelatin, is continually developing a range of industrial gelatin products. We produce gelatin for industry and business, both B2B and B2C. Our received global quality marks confirm our quality and standards of production and good service to customers.