Gelatin for Tablet Coating

How gelatin is involved in tablet coating and the medicinal industry- Illness is inevitable. Then when we get sick, we have to go to the doctor for treatment and often get different types of pills or tablets. The technology in drug production is advanced and modern today and has different unique features regarding the chemical properties of the drug, the action, the stability that can reduce the number of tablets to be taken or the length of time. Currently, gelatin is widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Gelatin in different types of Tablets

There are different types of tablets such as Disintegrating tablets, Chewable tablets, Effervescent tablets, Lozenges, Sublingual and buccal tablets, including Coated tablets which will be in two large groups: Sugar-coated and film-coated tablets. Gelatin is important in the manufacture of various types of tablets, specially coated tablets or chewable tablets, etc.

Function of gelatin in tablet coating

Firstly, the objective of tablet coating is to have a beauty to cover the unappetizing taste or smell of the drug, making them easy to swallow. And that can also help create a trademark of the manufacturer.

Secondly, gelatin can even allow the drug to act on the intestines because some pills can irritate the stomach or be degraded by stomach acid. Today, the coating technology can also enable the coated tablets to be able to control the slow release of the drug, and effectiveness for long time use, and to reduce the number of times to take the drug. Gelatin, therefore, plays an important role in industry and medical technology, as it greatly improves the efficiency of treatment.

Manufacturers of gelatin for tablet coating

At present, there are industrial gelatin manufacturers. Especially for pharmaceutical and medical coatings, Banagel, Asia’s leading gelatin company, can produce all forms of gelatin meeting every need with its qualified factories and production standards that are accepted globally.