Gelatin for Jelly

Gelatin for jelly – Gelatin Dessert is also known as Jelly in the Commonwealth of Nations and Ireland. In the United States, it is called gelatin or jello by gelatin brands sold in the US. It is certainly a dessert made from gelatin mixed with colours and flavours and other additives. The ready-made gelatin desserts range from large shaped candies to small serving cups. In general consumer perception, jelly is a product made from fruit juices such as strawberries, oranges, pineapples, lemons, okra, and sweeteners. and gelling agents such as gelatin and carrageenan are heated to allow the mixture to dissolve, then leave to cool It will look like a translucent gel.

There are 2 types of jelly

1. Liquid jelly- eaten as a snack, It has a soft texture and a lot of water. We can use a spoon to scoop or use a straw when eating, and it is usually chilled. This type of jelly contains gelling agents such as carrageenan, konjac powder, added sugar, citric acid, food colouring and flavour enhancers, coupled with a specific type of gelatin with specific gel strength and viscosity. 

2. Dried jellies- which are made from fruits, vegetables, grains or herbs that are squeezed or extracted and mixed with sweeteners, and gelling agents such as gelatin, carrageenan, agar in the right amount. It may be mixed with fruit and fruit acids simmer to a thick consistency at the right temperature. Colour and flavour may also be added. Then, it will be poured into a mould or cut into pieces after leaving it to cool. This kind of jelly has a sticky, dry texture that does not stick to your hands.

Role of gelatin in jelly

No matter what kind of jelly candy, gelatin plays an important role in the production by acting as a thickening agent that stabilizes the candy in pieces. It is useful in both creating texture and shape of the dessert in the appetizing and unique appearance and the identity of the product and brand, and build competitiveness in the industry.

Where can we buy gelatin for jelly?

General consumers can buy powdered gelatin to make their jelly at home, which can be found in groceries and department stores. When buying, they should take into account the quality of gelatin products, as well as the source and safety certification. Larger businesses that need gelatin for jelly need to find a supplier or a manufacturer with industrial standards that are recognized all over the world. They also need to check if the factory has been verified, certified, and has a reliable website or information resources. We, Banagel, are experts in all types of gelatin production, including gelatin for jelly. We are ready to provide consulting services and produce gelatin for small and big customers or companies.