Gelatin for Ice Cream

Gelatin for ice cream – The origin of that ice cream. It’s not clear where it started. Some information says that ice cream has existed since the time of Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire that has been given to the military ice cream party. In those days, it was made from ice flakes (snow) mixed with honey and fruit. This is similar to today’s sorbet. Some say ice cream is from China, born from ancient times when milk was considered rare, and there was an idea of how to preserve it by burying it in the snow. Meanwhile, some say ice cream came from Italy by Marco Polo, who returned from China and published the ice cream recipe.

Role of gelatin in Ice Cream

Today, ice cream is a name for a dessert made with cream, milk, sugar, etc., mixed together and blended to thicken at low temperatures. I may be added with flavours, colours and aromas as you like, such as chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream, vanilla ice cream. If using coconut milk instead of cream, it is called coconut milk ice cream. If you add other ingredients, it may be called by the name of the mixture, such as basil seed ice cream. durian ice cream, corn ice cream or taro ice cream. Gelatin is a type of stabilizer that is used in the ice cream industry. The use of gelatin in ice cream is to prevent the formation of ice crystals while preventing ice cream from melting quickly and making it retain its solid shape and at the same time ensure a soft texture. In general, approximately 0.2-0.6% gelatin is added to the ice cream mixing process.


Development of Gelatin for Ice Cream

At present, there is an intense development of new ice cream products to meet the needs of consumers. This makes gelatin producers need to adjust and develop their gelatin products for ice cream to have more varied properties; flexibility, stability, or viscosity properties that help create a unique texture in ice cream and be more capable in the more competitive markets.

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