Gelatin for Gummy Candies

Gummy candy looks like a sticky and chewy jelly. It is considered a favourite dessert of many people. Processed in a confectionery factory through colouring, flavouring, and sweetening with sugar, gummy candy has a gooey part that is made from the main ingredient “gelatin”.

History is Gummy Candies

Gummies in its long history have been a popular confectionery and first developed in Germany since early 1900s by Hans Riegel. He established a company called Haribo making the first gummy bears in the 1920s. 

In the United States, gummy candy was not very popular due to the very limited distribution until Haribo began to manufacture gummy bears in the United States in the early 1980s. That was when other companies started to develop similar products and led to other types of gummy candies. 

Before the pademic in 2019 that boosted the needs of gelatin to be used in pharmaceutical industries, nearly half of all gelatin in the global market went to making gummy candies. 

Ingredient of gummy candies

In the manufacture, gummy candies many times contain a mixture of corn syrup, sucrose, gelatin (which could be bovine or fish source), starch and water. In addition, minor amounts of colouring and flavouring agents are used. Food acids such as citric acid and malic acid are also added to give a tart flavour to gummies. Sometimes, other gelling agents are mixed in place of gelatin to make gummy candies more unique such as starch and pectin. Briefly, gummies are gelatin-based chewy candies that come in a variety of shapes, colours and flavours.

Examples of gummy candies

There are many types and brands of gummies available all over the world today. 

  • Some of the familiar faces in Thailand are Gummi bears, Gummi worms, Gummi Cherries, Gummi Cola bottles; 
  • And there are many more types of gummi in different regions of the world such as Gummi fish, Gummi banana strawberry ring, Fraise. Tagada, Red frogs, Shark gummies

They all come in different shapes, colours, flavours and gummy, that is unique to each brand.

Gummy candies for Health

Healthcare trends have led traditional gummies manufacturers to change strategies and develop products. Instead of wearing colours and sugar that negatively affect the body, it can bring nutritious ingredients such as plants, vegetables, herbs, protein extracts, various vitamins, etc.

Gelatin as the main ingredient of gummy candies need to be chosen more carefully by selecting the type gelatin that provides high nutritional value and made from safe raw materials. By implementing science and technology, manufacturers are able to develop gummy products in terms of texture and toughness to solve the problem of children’s choking; or the development of gummies that do not cause tooth decay by using a tooth decay-preventing ingredient instead of sugar like xylitol.

Where to find the gelatin for gummy candies

Banagel manufactures a special type of gelatin for the development of gummies. It can produce gelatin with special properties that help create textures, colours and exotic flavours. We have a modern factory internationally accredited and also works with many customers in the food and confectionery industry around the world.