Fish Gelatin Manufacturers

Fish Gelatin is a natural protein and a product from animals.
In general, gelatin, for example, comes from the bones, skin of pigs, cows; therefore, it is sometimes restricted for certain consumer groups such as Muslims who only consume halal food. Fish gelatin is thus a natural and safe alternative for those who want gelatin that is not made from cows or pigs.

How is fish gelatin different from other types of gelatin?

In terms of production, fish gelatin has a much lower melting temperature than bovine or porcine gelatin, melting at 75 to 80 degrees Celsius, and has properties such as less viscosity and different texture compared to those mammalian gelatins from pigs or cows. Therefore, the ways to use this kind of gelatin are sometimes quite limited. However, the quality of fish gelatin is considered to be of high quality, with a bloom value of more than 250.

Which part of fish are being used to produce gelatin?

Like bovine and porcine, the parts in fish that are used to produce gelatin are bone, skin or scale. If it is  made from Pangasius, it is called fish skin gelatin. If it is made from Tilapia, it is on the other hands called fish scale gelatin.

Advantages and Importance of Fish Gelatin

Most porcine gelatin and large number of bovine gelatin are unacceptable to Jewish and Muslim consumers or certain consumer groups of some country, religion, or belief. The gelatin from fish is, therefore, a good solution to this problem since it is considered as a type of halal gelatin. It is alternative gelatin that provides the same quality and nutritional value as other types of gelatin. Thus, the fish gelatin market is growing rapidly and significantly boosting the market for kosher and halal products.

Fishbones are also a huge waste from the fish processing industry and fisheries and can have a negative impact on the environment and nature. Therefore, the production and utilization of fish gelatin not only meets the needs of consumers, but is also a way to utilize industrial waste and help prevent environmental problems, and promote global sustainability.

Now that we know about fish gelatin and how does it matter, we also need to pay attention to standardized manufacturing procedures. The production of fish gelatin requires all social principles in mind including all beliefs and religions to comply with the rules of certain consumer groups. Banagel is Thailand’s leading fish gelatin producer that is certified to international standards and provides the best manufacturing services to every consumer group of all nationalities, religions, and beliefs.