Are you wondering about gelatin, how it’s made, and where it comes from? It’s normal to have many questions about it, especially when considering it for food manufacturing. Here, you’ll discover everything you must know about edible gelatin powder, its manufacturing process, and the manufacturers.

But first, let’s define what gelatin is. Simply put, it is a natural protein derived from raw collagen, the byproduct of the meat industry. It’s safe to consume and provides many health benefits as it is high in protein and contains plenty of amino acids, some of which are crucial for a healthy diet.

Gelatin is typically made from bovine hides, porcine and beef bones, and pig skins. An edible gelatin factory can also make its products from fish skin gelatin. Gelatin production helps minimize waste, otherwise, the byproducts of the meat industry would be disposed of. Reputable manufacturers ensure their edible gelatin powder is non-GMO, free from disease, and certified for Food and Drug Safety.

Gelatin is a versatile product with unique thickening and gelling capabilities, making it popular with professional chefs and food manufacturers. These customers typically turn to edible gelatin manufacturers to source high-quality ingredients that meet safety and health standards and their consumers’ needs. An edible gelatin factory may also supply its products to pharmaceutical companies making hard and soft capsules.

It’s more common than you think

Edible gelatin powder is a widely used ingredient for making dessert jellies and water jellies. Mass-produced gelatin goes through a safe and complex extraction process to purify and refine it enough to suit every recipe or specific purpose.

Edible gelatin manufacturers supply products that boost flavors and deliver a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. These features are among the reasons for gelatin’s increasing popularity in food manufacturing.


Gelatin melts at body temperature, resulting in that signature mouthfeel you’ll find in confectioneries. It is compatible with the human body with low allergenicity, making it appropriate for medical and pharmaceutical applications. As a natural protein, edible gelatin powder is safe without needing an E-number. Moreover, it is thermo-reversible, meaning you can heat it to liquid, cool it to produce a gel, and heated and cooled without damaging its properties.