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Edible Gelatin

Talking about edible gelatin, many people might have just learned that there are types of gelatin that can and cannot be eaten, and each category can be subdivided into several types and different qualities and properties suitable for use in different purposes. As for edible gelatin, we will learn today what are its specialties and characteristics?

Characteristics and general properties of edible gelatin

As mentioned in the previous article, gelatin is measured in quality as a unit of “bloom” and generally, edible gelatin characteristics range from 80 to 300 bloom with a viscosity of 20-40 mps and the particle size of 8-60 mesh. For example, edible gelatin with 100 blooms and 25 mps of viscosity is often used in chewing gum and ice cream. While gelatin with a bloom value of 250 and a viscosity of 40 mps is used to mix jelly and marshmallows, or other food that requires softness and high flexibility. While special types of gelatin like pharmaceutical gelatin which is also a type of edible gelatin may be higher than 250 blooms and have a viscosity of 45-48 mps, often found in pharmaceutical capsules. 

Marshmello - Edible Gelatin
Gelatin for Food

The value and benefits of edible gelatin

Different grades of edible gelatin are often used in food or related products. Common examples of foods containing edible gelatin include agar, marshmallows, chewy candies such as gummy bears and jellies, or chewing gum. Additionally, edible gelatin may be used as a stabilizer. thickener or a food texture agent such as in yogurt, cream cheese, and margarine, and is used to increase the clearness of fruit juices such as apple juice and vinegar, or sometimes used as a fining agent for wine and beer.

Gelatin is processed the edible gelatin factory from animal raw materials and is therefore not considered a chemical. It also provides value and nutritional benefits to consumers. Just be careful when using some grades of gelatin other than the ones listed above that may not be suitable for mixing with food because of the texture, viscosity, or values out of the standard for consumption.

Edible gelatin manufacturers

If you want to use edible gelatin powder for further use in products or food. Look for edible gelatin powder from certified edible gelatin factory or edible gelatin manufacturers. The gelatin manufacturers themselves must focus on the quality of raw materials, including the standardized production processes that are hygienic and free from chemical contamination. Banagel is and edible gelatin factory or edible gelatin manufacturer certified by international agencies for quality, cleanliness, and safety for consumers.