About Us

Company Overview

After a decade of success in serving domestic customers by supplying various types of gelatin from various sources, we have taken another step by establishing Banagel Co., Ltd. in 2017 as a gelatin manufacturer.

Our facility is located in the southern part of Thailand which is specializing in producing and distributing various grades of gelatin to fulfill the demands from food and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

We are eager to build a strong partnership with potential partners, traders, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers at the international level to provide the most reliable products and work together to overcome all challenges with our expertise.


Producing and distributing high quality gelatin is our expertise.


1. Carefully selecting raw materials from reliable sources with quality and traceability.

2. Develop a management system that ensures food quality and safety.

3. Develop the efficiency of internal processes such as production, quality control.

4. Create and maintain a good relationship with partners and customers to broaden our market share at the global level.

5. Strengthen good relationships with stakeholders, details refer to the organizational context and details of matters. stakeholders.


Customers are to be treated with honesty, partners are to be treated with care, employees are to be treated fairly, and stakeholders are to be treated with respect.

Research and Development

We are constantly innovating and developing new gelatin products to stay consistent in order to meet the customers’ needs and to answer the needs of use in each industry.

Our R&D team has years of experience working closely with customers to formulate and develop various gelatin grades to suit all their needs and also help them solving problems they encountered with gelatin applications.

We are ready to innovate, develop and produce gelatin to answer all the customers’ needs whether they are food or pharmaceutical applications, we can have our gelatin tailor-made specifically for all their needs.


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Quality Control

Banagel posses high-standard gelatin quality control with international qualified production processes and technology that meet the requirements of the national and international quality control organizations, and also certified with ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, and HALAL CERTIFICATION marks. We surely comply with laws and safety regulations in providing quality services.

Our products are extracted from nature through very high quality production processes with effective inspecting procedures and the best quality control from the world class quality assurance and quality control team internally.

Our raw materials are sourced by trusted and reliable suppliers in our region and they are all certified by the government authorities and international certification bodies according to the manufacturing standards, food safty, and etc.


With the standard and capacity of our manufacturing facility, we are holding a strong position as the largest gelatin manufacturer in Thailand and we will make sure we deliver the best to our customer at all times.