Gelatin is a good source of protein we can add to our daily diet. There are unique preparations made with gelatin powder manufactured by the top companies around the world. Edible gelatin powder can be consumed in the following ways.

Uses of gelatin powder

  1.     Making raw milk yogurt at home

Making yogurt from milk at home needs precision and experience. Using gelatin powder will make the yogurt thicker, not runny. It will preserve the goodness of milk in yogurt.

  1.     Gelatin tea

Dissolving 1 tablespoon of gelatin in warm water and then steeping tea in it will make it a refreshing beverage.

  1.     Cold smoothies

Make smoothies with fruits or vegetables and add edible gelatin powder to them. You can drink it or freeze it to get a wonderful taste.

  1.     Lactose-free fudge pops

There is no need to add dairy products for lactose-intolerant consumers. Adding gelatin to them will make excellent fudge pops to eat in different flavors.

  1.     Popsicles

Making popsicles with softness has never been easier. Adding gelatin powder to the popsicle formula will make it more tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

  1.     Baking

Gelatin binds excellently with baking ingredients. It is one of the best replacements for eggs. Hence, making cakes and pastries will not be a problem anymore.

  1.     Gelatin milk

Consuming gelatin with raw milk will make your bones and muscles stronger. You will find various flavors of edible gelatin powder available.

  1.     Ice cream preparation

An ice cream mix with gelatin powder in it can be heavenly. It offers a smooth and creamy texture in homemade ice creams.

  1.     Thickening desserts

Desserts like cheesecakes, mousses, custards, etc can be thickened using edible gelatin.

  1. Sauces

Preparing different kinds of sauces with proper consistency needs edible gelatin.

These are the best uses of edible gelatin powder in homemade recipes.