We help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers by supplying them high-quality gelatin made from the finest raw materials sourced by the most reliable sourcers in the region.

What is our core business?

Banagel is specialized in manufacturing HALAL gelatin made from bovine (bone and skin) and fish skin (tilapia and pangasius).

Our products are extracted from nature through very high quality production processes with effective inspecting procedures and the best quality control from the world class quality assurance and quality control team internally.

We are constantly innovating and developing new gelatin products to stay consistent in order to meet the customers’ needs and to answer the needs of use in each industry.

We believe that making high quality products and providing excellent services are our key to success and what we have always been getting back from our customers is the trust and confidence in Banagel.


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Hard Capsules for Pharmaceutical

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Health and Beauty

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Quality is our standard

Our production processes comply with the Thai FDA, GHPs and FSSC2200. At Banagel, we strickly follow FCC, USP, GME and GMIA in our quality assurance. In addition to our in-house lab test, we do offer third party test report upon customer’s request.

Halal Gelatin Manufacturer in Thailand

Halal Gelatin, why does it matter?

We take the diverse customers’ needs into account and understand consumers from different cultures. According to a research in 2015, Muslims are the fastest growing religious group in the world. Islam is a huge market for the food industry. We want to create a source of halal raw materials to fulfill their needs and our halal gelatin will be our first halal product to be exposed in the halal food industry. This also means that we are a gelatin manufacturer that produces halal bovine and fish gelatin only.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality

We are an experts with direct product experience. We select all our raw material with care. Therefore, you can rest assured that the gelatin produced from our factory is one of the best you can get from the market

Meet International Standards

Our manufacturing processes are globally recognized by the FDA, ISO, and FSSC as proof of quality. With our new facility that we expanded specifically for global customers and a team that focuses on improving the quality of production, we are confident that every product will meet the needs of every customer.

Extensive Experience

We have been in gelatin business for over 16 years and our first factory was first launched since 2017. With the expansion, we have aquired a more advanced machine and we are not only committed to keep our standard and quality, but to improve too.

Tailor-made Gelatin

Our gelatin can be tailor-made according to your business needs. Whether you need it for food production such as gummy, marshmallow, ice cream, and etc., or you need it for pharmaceutical products such as soft gel, hard gel, and etc., you name them. We can fully customize jelly strength, viscosity, and particle size according to whatever production application that you need.

Stock and Lead Time Reliability

How many times you have experienced supplies shortage? how many times your suppliers could not deliver your order on time? with the high reliability of our supply chain, we can always get our raw material according to our customers’ orders and we have always been consistent in delivering our customers’ order on time.